Audrey Avenue (via ModTheSims)

This two story home is perfect for entertaining with a large dining room, two separate living areas and a patio on the side; perfect for barbecuing!

Each bedroom has its own ensuite and access to the upstairs deck. This home could easily be altered to add on another bedroom or create a larger kitchen.

There is also plenty of room around the house to craft a garage or swimming pool.

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24 Hour Period Fitness+

This small tropical themed 24 Hour Period Fitness+ offers the basics in workout equipment, but it gets the job done! Perfect beachside in small tropical towns.

North Woods Cabin

This log cabin is perfect for the outdoorsy Sim who loves the comfort of a luxury cabin and the smell of nature. The shed out back is perfect for your Sim to attempt to build things. Expect half made birdhouses and poorly constructed spice racks in your future.

Sea of Tranquility [from Sylvan Springs]

Why go on holiday when you can live in your very own beachfront* haven?
This one bedroom home is perfect for the urban Sim who wishes to get away from it all and enjoy the simple life.

Evergreen [from Sylvan Springs]

This colourful five bedroom home looks like something that belongs in a popular American cartoon!

Mirabello Towne Centre [from Sunset Valley - Gold Edition]

Taken from Sunset Valley (Gold Edition), the Mirabello Towne Centre is the perfect hangout spot for your Sims. Do some laundry, buy a comic book or two, read up about university or just sit back with a chai latte and listen to a annoying hipster ramble on about the environment.

Modette [from Sunset Valley]

This cute, dated home would suit even the modernest of people.

Par-tay All Night! [from Mayfair Island]

This house has most party essentials. It even has a pool house out back for your drunk friends!

Two Laps [from Dark Harbor]

People wonder why ‘Two Laps’ is called ‘Two Laps’.
Rumour has it that this place is so small,
you can actually only swim two laps in the swimming pool.
Who’d of thought it!